Training Club – Step into Life’s goal setting program

Training Club is all about goal setting; achievement and acknowledgement.

Training Club is Step into Life’s own goal setting program and is all about giving you attainable goals, keeping you motivated and on track. Points are awarded based on the total amount of time you’ve personally invested in your training - for every Step into Life training session, you’ll work hard and you’ll earn points for time spent working up a sweat.

Every session you attend earns you 10 Training Club Points, it’s that easy! And once your reach each Training Club Milestone, your achievement will be acknowledged and celebrated amongst your Step into Life team members – way to go!

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How can I keep track of my Training Club points?

Each Step into Life training session gives you 10 Training Club points. If you have lost track of your points, don’t stress - your fortnightly progress report will also give you an update on how many points you have earned over the last 2 weeks, or you can always ask your trainer.


The barometer represents the levels of Training Club milestones that you will reach, and celebrate, during your fitness journey with us! You can also reward yourself at each milestone with a Training Club t-shirt or singlet, to wear with pride. Your trainer will do everything they can to support you and help you to reach the highest level on the Training Club barometer.

How Training Club began

When Larry Cohen, Founder of Step into Life, started Group Outdoor Personal Training in 1995, he recognized that people often found it difficult to set goals for themselves and he wanted to find a way to help them.

Larry’s inspiration for Training Club came from the running fraternity in South Africa. When each level was achieved, the runner would receive new coloured shoelaces. Once they achieved the highest status, called ‘Comrades’, the runner earned their black laces and every time they wore them people knew this runner had paid their dues!

Never in his wildest dreams did he think Step into Life members would train for so long that they would accumulate more than 10,000 points! It is a credit to all of our Step into Life trainers and the members’ dedication that they do.

Training Club Legend – 10,000 Training Club

Once a Step into Life member reaches 10,000 Training Club points, they have reached the pinnacle of Step into Life Training Club – they are Legend and are recognised in our Training Club Hall of Fame!

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